Our mission

To provide a quality service, requiring no hassle and no contracts to our community by establishing a protective barrier from pests, making their home a safe environment for their family and guests.

Our vision

Establish ourselves as an authority in pest control while setting a new precedence of customer service in the industry and become a hub for gainful veteran employment.


Army Combat Veteran, Purple Heart Recipient, Father of two, Owner.

“Our commitment to your peace of mind is an extension from the very commitment I had while serving my country.”


Gold Star wife, Mother of four, Registered Nurse, President.

 “As both a mother and a nurse, I discern the importance of relationships. It’s our promise, that you will be treated with professionalism, compassion, and respect”


USMC Veteran, B.S. Management, Father of 6, Chief of Operations. 

“I believe the best investment a company can make is in the very people they employ. That’s why we have created a personal and professional development program to enhance the very lives of those who are a part of our success”. 

our core values


 A commitment to our self, to each employee, to our profession, and to our customer. As Patriotic Pest Control our commitment starts with our employees. We are committed to their success, their personal and professional development, and their well-being. We discern the importance of taking care of our employees as they are the point of contact maintaining relations and ensuring customer satisfaction.


Camaraderie is a fundamental value that is often underrated. It’s the glue that helps transition a group of individuals into a team. Accountability and reliability are byproducts and become the driving force that provides the ability to build and grow a business.


 Our service to community is two-fold. We protect our community from the pest that make everyday life within their own home difficult to enjoy. We also serve our Veteran community by providing gainful employment, training to enhance their personal, and professional lives, and opportunities to advance.

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